New Zealand Game Birds


The company was founded in Dannevirke in 2003 by Drs Jeff Niblett and Bridgette Karetai. Within a year the growth of the business meant a relocation to Hawkes Bay.

Jeff’s lifelong interest in breeding and hunting birds, created a sound platform from which to launch into a 5 year term in England, employed by a specialised game bird veterinary practice.

This work in the vast UK game bird industry, created the inspiration to return to New Zealand and establish a successful business, breeding and rearing game birds for a new and growing market.

At New Zealand Game Birds we currently breed ringneck pheasants, some with colour variations ie melanistic (black) and a white colour mutation. The modern ringneck pheasant is a mixture of species derived originally from Asia.

Over the centuries many crosses have occurred in order to create the beautiful and robust bird which we recognise as a ringneck pheasant today.

In time, we will introduce other species into our breeding program. Please email us for information.